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Parts Town Webuversity Is Proud to Present:

Essential Summer Maintenance for Hobart C‑Line Dishwashers in K-12 Schools

Hosted by Chris Miller, we speak with Dan Langston from Hobart Service to learn about planned preventive maintenance strategies for C‑Line dishwashers in K-12 schools, including valuable insights like:

  • Proper, long-term shutdown procedures
  • Return to operation procedures
  • Preventive maintenance best practices to keep dish machines running efficiently
  • Introduction of new C-Line maintenance kits
  • Helpful resources to not only get started, but to stay on track

Find Hobart DIY Maintenance Kits here to use as part of your regular preventive maintenance program.

Meet the Speakers

Chris Miller

PARTnership Builder
AKA Manager, Business Development

Parts Town

Dan Langston

Manager, Hobart Technical Support
Warewash, Bakery, and Cooking Products

Hobart Service