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Parts Town is a community with strong roots and a humble beginning. We know at the receiving end of every shipment there is a person, a friend, counting on us to deliver the right part every time. Our integrity and passion won't let us let our customers down.

We only carry OEM parts because we care. We care about the safety of people, equipment and businesses large and small. Pitching in as a trusted partner, we want to be a part of our customers’ every success. If we can help, even a small way, we’re honored to do so.

Anyone can do order fulfillment, but we think our customers deserve more. They can rely on us to always deliver real OEM parts AND the next big breakthrough – another groundbreaking innovation. We’re never done listening, learning, collaborating and creating to make our customers’ jobs easier.

Our secret sauce is the connection we create with our customers. It’s weird for us to even use the word “customers” because we consider our customers friends and, in many cases, family. You could say we take it personally, because we do.

Some say it takes a village, we say it takes a Town. The largest inventory in the industry, cutting-edge technology and a real, personal connection…it’s all served here, family style.

OUR MISSION Think big, strike fast to deliver critical products, information and innovation to the foodservice industry and beyond.
Always Genuine OEM Keeping it real is the deal. Genuine OEM parts are guaranteed to work to exact manufacturer specs, which translates to safety, reliability, efficiency and warranty protection. Smart choice – for your equipment and your business.
The Most In-Stock Parts on the Planet Unrivaled, unmatched, unparalleled… The only “un” missing from our inventory is “unavailable.” Our most in-stock promise means you get back to full speed even faster. Right Part. Right Time. Every Time.®
Same Day Shipping Waiting is the hardest part, so that’s why we don’t make you do it. All in-stock parts ship same day until 9PM ET Monday-Friday. Same day, on its way!
Personalized Customer Service We take it personally. It’s important to us to get to know you and your business to serve you better. Making a real connection as friends, while connecting you with the OEM products you need.
Breakthrough Innovations Overachieving is our status quo. You count on us to deliver not just parts, but the next big breakthrough. If you like what’s now, we can’t wait to show you what’s next.


Parts Town was founded in 1987 as a restaurant equipment parts distributor for local service companies. Starting with a staff of six, we now employ almost 1,000 team members and support local, national and international customers.

For a time, the industry landscape was grim. Manufacturers were frustrated with declining parts sales, customers wanted better customer service and there was no platform for ecommerce.

Where others saw the impossible, we saw opportunity. The first task was collecting a massive amount of inventory to make sure our customers could get the real OEM parts they needed quickly.

Then, through the creation of and the industry’s first mobile app, we designed online tools to research and purchase parts with ease. Finally, we enhanced our customer service, establishing a new experience rising high above the standard.

Expertise, friendliness and integrity have continued to set Parts Town apart. The good news is, we’re just getting started.


Being a part of and helping the community is extremely important to Parts Town. Our Helping Hands committee, made up of Parts Town team members, plans several volunteer events every year. Everyone is encouraged, but not required, to volunteer by fundraising, donating or simply showing up to help.