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Real OEM Part

What Is Safety Worth to You?

Is choosing a generic part worth someone getting hurt on the job? Is it worth replacing an entire piece of equipment or voiding the equipment warranty? Is it worth risking food safety or quality? We don't think so.

Investing in genuine OEM parts now and every day ensures your equipment will perform today and into the future. We're looking out for you, so you can focus on looking our for your team and your customers.

Real Value, Genuine Benefits


Have you ever heard anyone say, “Yeah, I don’t care about safety”? We hope not. Here at Parts Town, safety is our top priority. That includes our team, our customers and the products we sell. Real OEM parts have been tested by the manufacturer with your specific piece of equipment. You can feel confident allowing your staff, your guests and even yourself to use equipment powered by the exact parts required.


Your foodservice equipment is meant to last for years with ultra-heavy use. That reliability comes from the best parts that make equipment run like clockwork, keeping your business — large or small — booming.


Without genuine parts, your equipment may overuse energy supplies, costing more money and draining your resources. Fitting your equipment with real OEM parts ensures your equipment runs exactly as it should for longer.

Warranty Protection

If your equipment is under warranty, using generic parts could void your coverage. Invest in a genuine OEM part or buy a whole new piece of equipment? Tough choice...we recommend the real OEM part.

Real OEM Part

When you see this happy symbol next to a part on, you'll know for sure that you're buying a real OEM part. (Psst...they're all OEM parts, so you're gonna see this symbol everywhere.)

Get Real Parts Faster

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