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How to Find & Read a Blodgett Serial Number

Blodgett Logo-How to Find and Read a Blodgett Serial Number

Knowing the serial number on a Blodgett equipment can save you plenty of time, especially when you're trying to make repairs or search for replacement parts. These units have a data plate that lists plenty of helpful information, including the serial number.

But what does that long string of numbers and letters mean? They're sequential codes that indicate everything from equipment model to the production date. By having this information available, you can easily identify parts and know if certain components are obsolete. Below is a quick breakdown of where to find and how to read a Blodgett serial number.

Where is the Blodgett Data Plate Located?

The data plate lists both the model and serial numbers. Below lists where you can find this plate on select model:

  • Zephaire G Convection Ovens – The plate is behind the control panel. Pull out the panel, and look on the inside of the control compartment.
  • CTB and CTBR Convection Ovens – The plate is on the underside of the oven's upper ledge and above the control panel.
  • SHO Convection Ovens – The plate is on the inside of the control compartment.
  • Xcel Convection Ovens – The plate is on the back of the unit.
  • BCM, BCT and BCP Combi Ovens – The plate is on the right side of the unit.
  • XR8-G and XR8-E Mini-Rack Ovens – The plate is on the right side of the unit.

Reading a Blodgett Serial Number

How to Read a Blodgett Serial Number

Date Code

The date code appears at the beginning of the serial number. This numerical sequence indicates the month, day and year the oven was manufactured. As show in the example above, if a Blodgett oven was manufactured on January 8th, 2016, the date code will be printed as "010816."

Letter Model Code

The letter model code is made up of two letters and appears after the date code. This indicates the equipment model. Below are common letter codes and which models they're associated with:

  • AS – BCM/BCP/BCT-61G
  • AO – BCM/BCP/BCT-61E
  • AT – BCM/BCP/BCT-101G
  • AU – BCM/BCP/BCT-102G
  • AV – BCM/BCP/BCT-101E
  • AW – BCM/BCP/BCT-202G
  • AY – BCM/BCP/BCT-102E
  • AZ – BCM/BCP/BCT-202E
  • BV – BCM/BCP/BCT-62E
  • BX – CTB Excel
  • BY – BCM/BCP/BCT-61E
  • CL – Zephaire-100-G
  • CN – Zephaire-200-G
  • CP – Zephaire-200-E
  • CR – SHO-100-G
  • CS – SHO-100-E
  • DG – XR8-G
  • DL – XR8-E
  • E / EA – DFG200
  • LB – DFG100
  • LC – DFG200
  • R / RA – DFG100
  • RI – DFG-100 XCEL
  • XD – SHO-G (before 11/05/2005)
  • XG – SHO-G (after 11/05/2005)
  • XF – SHO-E
  • ZA – Zephaire E and E Plus
  • ZG – Zephaire 240G Plus
  • ZE – Zephaire 240E Plus 

Factory Sequence Code

The factory sequence code is made up of three numbers that appear after the letter code. In the example above, the factory sequence code is "001."

Blodgett Serial Number Lookup

Knowing the serial number makes finding the right parts easy. Parts Town's Serial Number Lookup tool allows you to enter the serial number on the Hussmann parts page and see the exact OEM parts and available warranty information for your exact refrigeration unit or merchandiser. This improves accuracy and reduces downtime when looking for replacement parts.