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Protect your investment with Genuine OEM parts

Parts Town prides itself on selling only OEM parts. We support the manufacturers who make the equipment that powers the foodservice industry. Just as you do with your business, these manufacturers have invested time and energy to succeed, and their success hinges on both making a quality product and ensuring customers are satisfied. They’ve gone through the QA testing, research and development to ensure their products help you serve your customers. So, when it comes to restaurant parts, stick with the manufacturers who’ve performed due diligence on their own equipment.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, so it can be tempting to cut corners using lower-cost alternative parts. But the truth is, choosing OEM parts will save you more in the long run for these reasons:

Safety: small differences can have large consequences. Minimize risk to your employees, business, and equipment where it counts by choosing OEM parts which are designed to meet safety standards.
Getting the right part: these parts are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications, so you know the part you ordered will fit and perform reliably.
Energy savings: since these parts are designed and tested for your equipment, they operate with maximum efficiency and performance, which can result in energy savings over time.

Assurance of quality: many OEM parts are warrantied in case something goes wrong, while non-OEM parts may void your equipment warranty entirely. Plus, aftermarket parts aren’t less expensive because someone’s doing you a favor; after all, you get what you pay for!

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