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About Us

Parts Town is the industry leader in genuine OEM parts for commercial kitchen equipment. Our mission is to get you what you need fast, no matter where you’re located across the Great White North. To accomplish this mission, we’re guided by five core principles: safety, integrity, passion, courage, and innovation.

Why Parts Town?

We’ve got a lot to say on this matter, but if you’re short on time, know that the best reasons to choose us are because we’re committed to your success, we’ve got the part you need right now, and we’ll deliver it faster than anyone else. Choose us for a team dedicated to your success, our unrivaled in-stock inventory, and our fast duty-free shipping.

In long form, we’ve got the largest in-stock inventory on the planet, and innovations that make it easier to find what you need. Here's just a few of the highlights:

  • We pioneered 360 degree photography in the parts industry, so you can easily identify your parts, as well as the Parts Town app for iOS and Android.
  • Our Interactive Diagrams and Smart Manuals make it easy to identify the part you need and order it fast!
  • We started TechTOWN, the first online forum about commercial kitchen equipment, so technicians could troubleshoot and users could get more information about their equipment issues.
  • We’ve been posting blogs on routine maintenance and care for years, because while we sell parts, we want to help you ensure your equipment works properly for as long as it possibly can, because we're committed to your sustained success.

Today, you can click, call, or even text to get info on parts, order statuses, and more!

Additionally, Parts Town is proud to give back to the community. To that end, Parts Town has supported various charitable causes, both national and local, with time and materials. Our employees, led by a group we call the Helping Hands team, have volunteered to help build gardens, parks, and more for local schools. We've climbed many flights of stairs and filled dozens of backpacks to the brim. Helping Hands typically plans at least one major volunteering project per year, with several other smaller, though equally important, projects throughout.

Here are a few of the groups we've supported:

  • KidsGardening.org
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Aon Step Up for Kids
  • Operation Backpack
  • LifeSource

We feel fortunate enough to be in a position to to grow a successful company, and we believe it's our responsibility to support others in kind.

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