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Trash Can & Recycling Bin Lids

Cover your trash bags and keep the waste contained by making sure you have lids to cover your bins. Having a trash can lid will help contain any leakage and odors that come from your garbage. They also help to keep everything organized and ready for the dumpster. Check out the recycling lids for options on different openings. There are lids for paper, glass, or plastic to make separating your recyclables easier.

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Trash & Recycling Bin Lids

Want to keep your trash discreet and tidy during business hours? Cover it with can lids and check out our selection that includes:

  • Dome Lids
  • Can Lids with Holes
  • Swing Lids

Keeping your trash organized and out of the way makes for a cleaner business overall. Cover up the smelliest of trash or use the swing lids to make it easy for people to toss trash away without removing the top. There are also multiple recycling bin lids to choose from, with multiple shaped openings to promote proper separating procedures.

Parts Town wants to make it simple and easy to get the right products with the click of your mouse. We offer recycling and trash lids so you can discreetly contain your waste until it is time to bring them out to the dumpster. The lids also ensure that nothing comes out and nothing falls into the bins.