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Plastic Storage Jars & Ingredient Canisters

After you’re done cooking up a storm, organize your kitchen with Parts Town’s plastic storage jars and ingredient canisters from top brands like Taylor Precision and Oxco.

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  • Carlisle PS603N02 Store 'N Pour Quart Container (Only), 32 Oz., Straight
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    • Mfr Part #: PS603N02
    • CARLPS603N02
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  • Carlisle PS70200 Store 'N Pour Half-Gallon Backup, 64 Oz., Container And
    • Mfr: Carlisle
    • Mfr Part #: PS70200
    • CARLPS70200
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Plastic Storage Jars with Lids

After slicing and dicing all day long, what better place to put all your leftovers and prep work than in plastic storage jars or ingredient canisters? Parts Town offers an extensive line of food storage containers in just about every material, shape and size under the sun. Whether you need plastic storage jars with lids or a canister set for the kitchen, Part Town’s got you covered, so you can keep whipping up your secret recipes without so much as a hiccup. Not only do they provide organizational value, but they'll look just as good behind the scenes as they’ll do lining the shelves front of house. 

Are Plastic Jars Good for Storing Food?

Plastic containers are optimal for dry food storage because they create airtight seals that keep oxygen and moisture from aging the food within. These reusable containers do their part in preserving the environment, too, making them a suitable option for eco-friendly food establishments. They’re durable, lightweight, long-lasting and easy to transport. And when they reach the end of their usable life, you can recycle them to keep your carbon footprint closer to a size 3 rather than, say, a size 8.

Which Storage Containers are Best?

Restaurants and other businesses in the foodservice industry typically have a diverse range of storing needs because of the wide variety of ingredients they use. That’s why they benefit from keeping many types of storage mediums on hand. For instance, hot and cold foods store better in glass and stainless steel containers, although they’re heavier and not as ideal for transporting in cases like catering events. On the other hand, dry foods such as herbs, beans, grains and rice do just as well in clear plastic jars with lids.