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Leak Detectors

Leak detectors are a vital safety tool to have in your kit, whether you’re working on gas appliances or refrigeration equipment. Parts Town carries a wide variety of leak detectors, from gas leak detectors to refrigerant leak detectors and more. Keep your workspace safe with a trustworthy leak detector available at Parts Town.

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Gas Leak Detectors

Used in a variety of commercial foodservice repair, residential equipment installation, HVAC settings and more, leak detectors detect possibly dangerous leaks that can occur. Having a leak detector at the ready during a service call keeps you, your customers and the work area safe. Parts Town has gas leak detectors and more from top brands like:

  • Inficon
  • REED Instruments

Leak detectors are placed in an area where a possible gas, refrigerant or water leak can possibly occur. These detectors emit a sound when it senses a leak is occurring, or can help a service tech locate a leakage point. Leak detectors not only pinpoint where a repair needs to be done, but are also great safety tools that will alert of any potentially dangerous leaks as you’re working on equipment.