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Hospital Food Trays

Keep your patients at their full strength with hospital food trays from Parts Town by top brands like Cambro and Metro.

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  • Metro 9985 Super Erecta Black Split (Pack, (Pack Of 4)
    • Mfr: Metro
    • Mfr Part #: 9985
    • MTRO9985
    • Quantity Available: 120
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    • Mfr: Cambro
    • Mfr Part #: MDSCDB9110
    • CAMMDSCDB9110
    • Quantity Available: 0
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  • Cambro MDSL9485 The Shoreline Collection Pellet Underliner, Fits 9-1/2"
    • Mfr: Cambro
    • Mfr Part #: MDSL9485
    • CAMMDSL9485
    • Quantity Available: 0
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Hospital Food Trays with Covers

Brighten your patient’s day with Parts Town's extensive collection of hospital food trays. We carry medicine trays in a variety of textures and colors, including non-skid trays. Prepping food carts and hand delivering meals to patient’s rooms takes time in which food grows cold. Remedy that problem by stocking up on hospital food trays with covers. Need something with a little more grip? We also carry trays with handles to prevent splashes and spills. 

How to Choose the Right Hospital Food Tray 

Whether you work at a hospital or nursing home for outpatient care or inpatient, you’ll need a foodservice tray for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At first glance, you might not think that something as small as food trays have much sway in the way of meeting a patient's dietary needs. That is, until someone refuses to eat because their food has grown cold or can’t because it’s ended up on the floor. 

When selecting the right medicine trays for your healthcare facility, it’s important to keep in mind the most prevalent obstacles patients face in your healthcare facility. Hospital food trays with lids keep food piping hot and appetizing long after it comes out of the oven. Some patients may be limited by their range of mobility or dexterity, in which non-skid trays are the ideal choice.