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Casseroles et couvercles pour tables à vapeur

Keep your buffet line stocked with our large selection of commercial steam table pans and covers from Parts Town by top brands like Hubert, Vollrath and Winco. 

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  • Vollrath 30023 Super Pan V Food Pan, Perforated, Full Size, 2-1/2" De
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  • Vollrath 30302 Super Pan V Food Pan, 1/3 Size, 3/4" Deep, 22 Gauge, 3
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    • VOL30302
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Full Size Steam Table Pans 

You can’t have a buffet line without steam table pans and covers. At Parts Town, you can find every shape, size, depth and measurement of pan and lid to fit any steam table enterprise. We carry full-size, half-size, third-size, ninth-size and more in stainless steel constructions to retain heat and keep food safe. Our diverse selection doesn’t stop at your basics. We also carry stainless steel slotted lids for ladles and spoons, as well as perforated steam table pans for vegetables and pastas.

What are Steam Table Pans Used For?

Steam table pans, also known as hotel pans or counter pans, are used in steam tables to hold hot foods at safe temperatures. That’s why you’ll often see them in buffet lines, cafeterias, self-serve stations and kitchens in a variety of foodservice establishments. Many restaurants and catering services will have extra steam pots prepped and piled high to swap out when food runs low.

What Size are Steam Table Pans?

Steam table pans come in about every shape and size you can think of. Standard commercial steam pans measure in at full-size (12” x 20”), half-size (12” x 10”), half-size long (6” x 20”), two-thirds size (12” x 13-½”), third-size (12” x 6-⅔”), quarter-size (6” x 10”), sixth-size (6” x 6-⅔”) and ninth-size (4” x 6-⅔”). Although these are the standard measurements, you’ll still be able to find hotel pans that come in non standard sizes as well.