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Équipement de traitement des viandes

Parts Town is the one stop shop for all your meat processing equipment like meat grinders and slicers.

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Meat Grinders & Slicers

From meat slicers to sausage makers, Parts Town has a wide selection of meat processing equipment to choose from. Go through the process of sawing down meat into uniform cuts, tenderizing steaks or grinding meat for hamburgers. There are sausage stuffers and makers to create the perfect sausage links. All these machines can work for restaurants, delis or grocery stores that need to process meat.

What Equipment Do I Need to Process Meat?

The type of equipment you need to process your meat depends on what kind of meat you want to process and make. If you want to create hamburger patties or ground beef you will need a meat grinder and hamburger press. For meat with bones in the way, a bone saw will help to cut through thick slices. Creating hotdogs or sausages means using a sausage maker or stuffer.

How Does Meat Processing Work?

Meat processing is just similar to other food processing. Prepping meat like tendering with tenderizing hammers or chopping up large cuts into smaller pieces with a meat chopper is a part of the process. These prep the meat to become burgers, steaks and more. For more food prepping check out the fruit & vegetable preparation equipment or the commercial blenders at Parts Town.