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Collecteurs et jauges

Manifolds and gauges help service and HVAC technicians read the pressure on cooling systems and more. Parts Town has a wide variety of manifolds and gauges for you to include in your toolkit or service van so you can always test and keep tabs on the pressure of equipment or diagnose an issue on a refrigeration unit. Grab yours today at Parts Town.

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Gauges, Manifolds and More

Useful in commercial and residential servicing like HVAC, refrigeration repair and more, manifolds and gauges can do quite a bit of multitasking. These devices can help technicians read the pressure of refrigerants, diagnose any changes in pressure, test vacuum pressure, release moisture and more. For service technicians and facilities managers, having a gauge and manifold is a must. Parts Town carries manifolds and gauges from top manufacturers like:

  • JB Industries

Connect your manifold and gauge to the proper valve to read, test and more, and you’ll be able to pinpoint any issues present in the piece of equipment.