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Lubrifiants de qualité alimentaire et lubrifiants sans danger pour les aliments

Food grade lubricants help keep things moving—literally. They are made to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently, and are one of the most useful items in the commercial foodservice world. Parts Town has a wide variety of food-safe lubricants to get those wheels turning, and doors opening, so your kitchen never has to slow down.

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  • Nemco 56075 Equipment Oil, Food Safe, 16 Oz. Spray Can
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H1 Food-Grade Lubricants

Keep your commercial food equipment moving with the right food-safe lubricant grease from Parts Town. We have a large selection of commercial lubricants like:

  • Spray Lubricants
  • Machine Oil
  • Silicone Lubricant
  • High-Temperature Lubricant

Food-grade lubricants are perfect for surfaces and equipment that come into contact with food often. From refrigerator doors to meat slicers to coffee grinders and conveyor ovens, lubricants are necessary to help you equipment move, shake, rattle and roll. Equipment that gets stuck often not only slows down the process, but makes the equipment unsafe for use, so properly lubricating your units will help prevent from these mishaps.

Not only that, but food-safe libricants are perfect for creating solid, tight seals for o-rings and gaskets. They help keep moisture in or out depending on the equipment, and protect against debris from entering the inner workings of your machines. Find the right food-safe lubricant for your equipment at Parts Town.