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5 Best Heavy Duty Wire Cutters for a Technician's Toolbox

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Whether it's for repairing food equipment, HVAC systems or electrical work, wire cutters are a must for many applications. Technicians in the field always want something that is easy to use, ergonomic and capable of cutting or stripping with precision. With so many options on the market, it's hard to find the right one for your toolbox. Luckily, we're here to help! Below is a list of some of the best heavy duty wire cutters for technicians.

1. Klein-Kurve 8" Wire Stripper/Cutter/Crimper Multi Tool

Klein Tools 8" Wire Stripper - Best heavy duty wire strippers


As the name suggests, this industrial-strength tool is flexible enough to cut, strip and crimp with ease and accuracy. The knurled jaw can grab, loop and rotate, twisting up to three wires at a time. The middle portion of the jaws has six stripping holes, and the area near the neck is designed with a long side-cut knife for quick, concise cutting.  

  • Solid Wire Cutting Capacity: 8-18 AWG
  • Stranded Wire Cutting Capacity: 10-20 AWG

Best Deal: Amazon
Price: $35

2. DOYLE 6.75" Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper and Cutter

Doyle wire cutters - Best heavy duty wire cutters


The DOYLE wire cutter boasts amazing precision, which makes it a cut above most of the competition. Made with a high-strength cast alloy chassis and TPR grip for easy use and comfort, its stripper is specifically designed to remove a jacket layer in a single step without damaging wires.

  • Solid Wire Range: 8-20 AWG
  • Stranded Wire Range: 10-22 AWG

Best Deal: Harbor Freight
Price: $22

3. Goldblatt 8" Multi-Use Long Nose Plier

Goldblatt 8" Long Nose Pliers - 5 Best Heavy Duty Wire Cutters for a Technician's Toolbox


One of the best things about the Goldblatt Multi-Use Pliers is their versatility. Equipped with "sure-gripping" jaws, it strips and cuts wires to perfection and is even strong enough to cut bolts. With a long-nose construction, you can reach wires that are in tight, restricted areas. Also, the spring-loaded handle helps prevent your hands from getting tired, which is always needed in the field.

  • Solid Wire Range: 12-18 AWG
  • Stranded Wire Range: 14-20 AWG

Best Deal: Amazon
Price: $18

4. Irwin 8" Vise-Group Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Irwin 8" Vise-Group Diagonal Cutting Pliers


Built with patented PowerSlot® Technology and three-zone comfort grip, Irwin Vise-Group Diagonal Cutters are simple to use on most heavy-duty wires. These pliers not only snip electrical wires, but they also cut many types of reinforced cables, nails, screws and piano wires.

  • Maximum Solid Wire Capacity: 20 AWG
  • Maximum Stranded Wire Capacity: 22 AWG

Best Deal: Lowe's
Price: $20

5. Milwaukee 9" 7-in-1 High-Leverage Combination Pliers

Milwaukee 9" High Leverage Combination Pliers


Milwaukee's latest pair of pliers is ideal for multiple trades, but it definitely has a perfect place in an electrician's tool bag. These pliers not only can grab and twist, but it also can wire cut, bolt cut, crimp, strip, loop and ream all in one 9" tool. The wide jaw features a masterfully designed wire cutter capable of cutting up to four 12 AWG wires. Not to mention, the swing-lock design and high-leverage grip handle makes single-handed operation fast and easy.

  • Solid Wire Range: 8-18 AWG
  • Stranded Wire Range: 10-20 AWG

Best Deal: Home Depot
Price: $30

What's Your Favorite Heavy-Duty Wire Cutters?

Do you have favorite wire cutters, pliers or a multi-tool that you keep in your toolbox? Share it with the members in our forum under Tools of the Trad