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3M Water Filtration Systems for Coffee Equipment

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Patrons expect flavorful brews at their favorite coffee shops or restaurants. Bad water quality and scale buildup can affect not only taste but also your equipment’s lifespan. Scientist Hemang Patel explains in the videos below how 3M water filtration systems for coffee equipment can help commercial coffee and espresso machines.

How 3M Coffee Water Filters Improve Taste

Many restaurants and cafes that rely on commercial coffee makers for great-tasting brews. Don’t let poor water quality and scale buildup affect taste. In this latest Water 101, Scientist Hemang Patel explains how 3M coffee water filters improve taste and reduce water hardness.

How to Select 3M Water Filters for Espresso Machines

Commercial espresso makers reach high temperatures and produce a lot of steam, meaning they can develop a high amount of scale and minerals. In this latest Water 101, Scientist Hemang Patel shows you how to select 3M water filters for espresso machines.